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A bit out there....

     As any artist will tell you, its about the art not about themselves. Well, here you get to learn a bit about me. Raised in Cleveland, Ohio to a very middle class family. Second child of four, was a middle child for way too long before the youngest came along. 

     My mother, an artist in her own right, encourage art of any kind. We spent many a Saturday afternoons walking through the Cleveland Museum of Art. She was my biggest supporter through high school musicals and art competitions. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to college right out of high school. 

​     Off to the U.S. Marine Corps I went. The closest I got to doing any type of art during that time was when I was voted platoon artist during boot camp. This allowed me to design the special guidons used through training on Paris Island. The camp commander requested to keep the best one, a rose crossed over a rifle with a ton of glitter. 

     Life went on and I became a mother of two wonderful girls, each born on a military base. That was the time for me to go back to civilian life, not the easiest thing to do. After a few years of working in Cleveland I moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Eventually I started to work for Schwaab Stamp & Seal in customer service. Trying to get ahead in life I added on another full time job of being a building manager on the upper east side of Milwaukee.  

     But the want to do something artistic required an education, so off to Milwaukee Area Technical College I went. Squeezing in a class or two each semester I started to learn graphic design. With the help of some wonderful professors I was able to hone skills in various programs. 

     Regrettably it was during this time I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. So I left my customer service job so I could concentrate on finishing up my degree. Been pushing through all the doctor visits and various treatments to reach this final goal. Hopefully you will enjoy what I have to show you here. 

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